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Well, the other day, or actually I think it was like a week ago (or 2) not sure, but I was thinking, why people confuse Anarchism or Anarchy as meaning chaos. So, I was sitting and thinking about it, and didn't find the answer, but instead I came up with an idea.

Instead of these people who think anarchism or anarchy means chaos, or pseudo-anarchists thinking it means chaos, they can call themselves, chaotists, and the philosophy would be called chaotism ( which would be the philosophy of chaos, if that makes sense, :/ )and there would be chaos. If people start using that and spreading that, then it would "better" I hope. I know it is sort of a stupid, thoughtless, thought. hahaha.

Yeah, this was just an idea. Anyone have any better Ideas? Anyone want to add to this? Anyone just totally disagree with this idea, and wants to say something about it?

Well, I am all ears, and I would like to see some people talk about it.

Good Day.
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